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Six Website Development trends for 2018

By Tim Oldenhuis

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January 19, 2018 8:39 am

In 2017 there was a lot of new development with the way websites were being built and constructed. 2018 will be a very exciting year. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and  exciting technological advancements.

      1. Chatbots

In 2017 we saw the rise of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. An increasing amount of websites are using chatbots to provide customers with a more personal experience.

Even though in 2017 Facebook had to shut down their bots because they started talking in their own version of English, the rise of Chatbots is continuing. Chatbots created on the basis of neural networks and artificial intelligence will definitely keep growing in popularity.

     2. Progressive Web Apps

As mentioned in our blog post, App Development trends for 2018, Progressive Web Apps are becoming increasingly popular. Since 2015, Progressive Web Apps have increased in popularity and. We believe this trend will continue.

Even though iOS doesn’t support service workersyet, we believe that the rise of PWA’s will grow. Washington Post updated their website and created a Progressive Web App, reporting an increase in user engagement of as much as 500%!

     3. Typography

Although not really a trend for 2018, as typography has always been considered important, we do believe that in 2018 typography will see some interesting changes.

Typography will not only be used for text purposes but also for image purposes. If you are making your typography stand out, do so above the fold it stands out immediately. Making it big and bold will assure that it leaves an impression.

Do only use your mixes in typography for aesthetic purposes, alternating the typography in blog posts will drastically reduce the readability of your post.

     4.   Incorporate Animation (Parallax, Mouse over Effect)

Animations can delight users and also hide small loading times. It is good practice to choose one “trick” and stick to it. Making sure that the tricks stick to the laws of physics and are on a clear loop.

This allows users to quickly move on from the animation, and reduce possible user frustration. Having videos or other animations on your homepage will show the user what your brand is about in an instant. It is important to ensure that your video is above the fold, making it is impossible to miss.

     5. Design changes in 2018

From a design perspective, more and more businesses are moving away from trends that were popular in previous years.

Businesses are using fluid curves, rather than sharp edges. This design choice was already being popularised by Apple.

Desktop designs are often moving to Split Screen and will stack on mobile. Splitting the screen means that both the left and right side of the website have their own “design feel”. When you look at the website from a mobile perspective, they merge and become one design. These designs work great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

      6. Web Push Notification

One of the bigger trends we will see is push notifications on websites. Email marketing is still going to be important, but being able to give users relevant, timely and precise notifications when they are on your website is going to give users a far better experience.

This technology is still in its early days but it is showing great results. Push Notifications on websites will beat social media, email and SMS, considering you can give users a message on the exact right moment when it is needed to guide them back to your website.

To have success with push notifications it is important to understand what users want on your website, don’t give push notifications too often since that will deter users from visiting your website again. Find out how customers are using your website, what they need, and serve them relevant info at the right time.

Being ahead of web development trends assures that you stay ahead of your competition and acquiring new customers more easily.

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