About Futura Digital

Futura Digital is a Futura Group company.

On the back of some quality work and a bunch of happy customers, Futura Digital became its own entity in 2017. We still work out of the same office as Futura Group (a leading e-learning resource developer) and eCoach (eLearning SaaS), but we now have our own website, staff, in-house developers and leadership team.

Liz Annelli Office Mural

In 2016, we formed a strategic partnership with Arello Mobile… We’ve been working with Arello for more than 10 years, so the collaboration made sense. Arello are a globally successful software and mobile application developer with offices in the USA and the Russian Federation (and some of the brightest minds on the planet).

Their growing development team has expertise in system administration, game design, SaaS platforms and software development across almost every platform known to man. Their work speaks for itself.

Within Australia, Arello Mobile now works exclusively with Futura Digital. Our most recent collaboration is an Android app for Level Ride Air Suspension systems, which allows owners to control their car’s suspension via bluetooth using voice activation (quite a technical accomplishment).

For customers who require 100% in-house development, we also have web application developers with a range of knowledge and expertise. Evan Harrison is our resident WordPress and eCommerce expert, with a track record of delivering great looking websites on time and to budget. You can check out some of our recent web projects here.

Need photography or illustration services? We can help with that too. We partner with a number of creative freelancers who we hire depending on each project’s unique design requirements (an approach which we find works well). We also have in-house photographers who can assist with everything from professional studio or product photography to editorial images and video production.

That’s more or less Futura Digital in a nutshell, but if you’d like to know more about us please drop us a few lines or drop by the office and say hi.